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I will continue publicizing these abuses in established, mainstream publications (see more than 80 published articles and studies on my internet site). But I also want to highlight here the increasingly totalitarian trajectory of the divorce regime, which I don't think is being emphasized adequately by others. What Frederick Douglass once observed of the slave power’s menacing expansion throughout the political system can now be seen in the cancerous spread of the divorce machinery: It is “advancing, poisoning, corrupting, and perverting the institutions of the country, growing more and more haughty, imperious, and exacting.”

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another New Crime: "Bullying"

The criminalization of fathers and parents generally is closely followed by the criminalization of children, especially boys. One manifestation is new laws against “bullying”, another new quasi-crime with no precise definition.

According to the Associated Press this week, "Anti-bullying laws lack any regular enforcement" (The Washington Times, 15 September 2009, p. B3.). This is not surprising.

Georgia is said to have an anti-bullying law that is “among the toughest in the nation”, according to the AP. But against what and whom precisely does it protect? Apparently “the state doesn’t collect data specifically on bullying occurrences,” so we do not know precisely how much bullying there is. And how can we, since no one knows precisely what constitutes “bullying”?

As with other new nebulous crimes proceeding from the sexual revolution -- like “domestic violence,” “child abuse,” and “sexual harassment” -- we are relying here for our evidence of this problem on “reports” that may or may not be “confirmed” (by whom? government officials?) but are not likely to be adjudicated as we usually understand that term – i.e., by a jury trial or other due process protections. “Bullying experts point out that the rising numbers may reflect more reports of bullying, not necessarily more incidents,” says the AP. Here too the definition becomes highly subjective. “Many children reported teasing, spreading rumors, and threats.” So teasing and spreading rumors are now against the law? “How do you quantify bullying?” a school official asks, sensibly enough. “It could even be as simple as a rolling of the eyes.” For this students will be prosecuted? Or simply punished? How, for “a rolling of the eyes”?

The AP writes that “Most states require school districts to adopt open-ended policies to prohibit bullying and harassment.” Open-ended indeed, since nothing else is possible. “It needs to be written into the law that bullying has the same consequences as assault,” says Brenda High, who operates a web site revealingly called Bully Police. Then why not simply use the existing assault laws, if it really is violent assault. Or is it more “open-ended”? Like “a rolling of the eyes”?

What is striking is that the AP does not really even ask these questions or probe any deeper into this alleged problem of criminal justice and neither apparently do many of the officials who would have us believe that we need yet more criminal statutes and law enforcement machinery.

It may well be that bullying is a growing and even rampant problem. The important point here is that traditionally it was fathers that protected their children against bullies or taught them how to handle themselves against bullies and prevented them from themselves bullying others. But having eliminated fathers, the single mothers can only protect their own children by ever more police power and by lobbying the state to criminalize more of other people’s children.

Once again, eliminate the fathers and increase the power and reach of the state.

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